Academy Club win Personal Injury Battle

The academy of a Premier League football club has successfully defeated a personal injury claim issued by a young player, following a training injury.

According to reports, a teenage attacking-midfielder was suing the football academy for pain and suffering, along with loss of untold riches, suggesting that the negligence of one of its physiotherapists had prevented him from achieving his hopes of becoming a Premiership footballer.

The court heard that three months into his two year scholarship with the club, the attacking-midfielder suffered a knee injury in training, resulting in two-years of physiotherapy.

However, the player has claimed that the physiotherapist at the club worked him too hard, which resulted in the injury becoming septic and preventing the player from becoming fit enough to withstand the pressures of the professional game.

Despite the claims made by the player, and the judge being sympathetic to the situation; it has been reported that the judge ruled that the physiotherapist had acted competently and could not be blamed.

Whilst the judge in this case has ruled in favour of those who were being sued; for those injured whilst taking part in a sporting activity, our personal injury solicitors may be able to help you make a successful claim for compensation to cover loss of earnings, medical costs, etc.

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