Accident Rate amongst Fleet Vehicles Falls

Recent figures have suggested that the number of accidents involving fleet vehicles has reduced; with more fleet owners putting an increased emphasis on reducing road risks.

According to the latest figures, which are based on survey results of fleet owners who have fleets ranging in size – from 500 vehicles to 50,000 vehicles, it was found that roughly 57 percent of fleet owners had seen the accident rate fall.

Figures also revealed that 43 percent of fleet owners had seen the accident rate remain the same, whilst no owners saw an increase in accident rates. However, despite the fall in the number of accidents being recorded, the results from the survey found that few fleet owners carry out on road assessments of their drivers.

Although the latest figures have revealed that accident rates involving fleet vehicles has fallen, as personal injury solicitors we understand and appreciate that road accidents can happen at any time.

This is why, we are on hand to offer those injured in a road accident, which was not their fault, with honest, impartial and tailored personal injury advice, guiding them through the process of making a compensation claim.

To find out how our injury solicitors can assist you with your claim, contact us today.

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