Bahrain to Introduce New Visa Legislation

Earlier this week, it was reported that a new visa policy is to be introduced next year in Bahrain, which will enable visitors to apply for a visa upon arrival.

Making the announcement, the Bahrain Economic Development Board stated that individuals from 60 countries will be able to obtain a visa upon arrival in Bahrain, under the new rules which are set to come into force next year – and it is expected that in excess of two billion individuals will be affected by the change in legislation.

Under the new ruling, individuals from the 60 countries will be able to apply for a one month visa when arriving in Bahrain, whilst they will also have the option to renew their visa for a further three months.

According to the Bahrain Economic Development Board, the change in legislation will make it easier for those who regularly travel to Bahrain for business to obtain a visa, whilst it is also believed that it will significantly enhance the tourism industry, by making obtaining a visa easier.

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