Human Rights

Concerns Over CCTV Cars

It has been reported that a market town in the North West of England, is to introduce controversial CCTV cars, in an attempt to tackle what the council has called “inconsiderate, dangerous and illegal parking.”

Calls for European Court of Human Rights to Have Less Power in UK

A senior judge this week (March 26th) suggested that the UK should be provided with essentially a “cooling-off” period, before it is required to accept laws outlined by the European Court of Human Rights.

Singer Seeks Damages Under Article 8 of European Convention on Human Rights

Singer, and former front-man to The Jam, Paul Weller is reportedly seeking an injunction and damages in London’s High Court, on behalf of his three children.

Phone-Hacking Trial Raises Privacy Questions

As the long-running case surrounding the phone-hacking activities conducted at a former red-top newspaper continues; it has been claimed that the former News of the World editor know about the “project” to hack phones of the Royal Family and celebrities.

NHS Data Sold in “Betrayal of Patient Trust”

Earlier this month, it was reported that the NHS had sold as many as a billion patient records to a marketing company, who work with some of the world’s largest drug firms.

Letter by David Enright regarding the treatment of travellers published in The Irish Times

The following is a letter written by David Enright has been published in The Irish Times this morning regarding the treatment of travellers: Sir, – I wish to praise the highly articulate article by Brigid Quilligan, pressing the case for … Continue reading

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