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Information for visa applicants from Nepal

The UK Visa Application Centre in Kathmandu will remain closed until further notice following the earthquake on Saturday 25 April. Applicants should continue to check this page for further updates and information. Applicants requiring urgent visa assistance should travel to … Continue reading

Liberty welcomes authorities’ u-turn over protest

A group of activists will no longer have to fork out thousands to march through London, following intense pressure by a leading human rights group.

The UK’s attitude to human rights is condemned

Britain’s “assault” on basic human rights has been heavily criticised by Amnesty International.

Mepham – Human Rights should be at heart of a free society

A well-known campaigner has said that Britain should become a “champion of human rights” at home and abroad.

Row continues over use of surveillance powers

Human rights campaigners remain concerned about the repeated use of controversial powers to identify journalists’ sources.

Prince Charles: ‘Abide by our rules’ warning to radical muslims.

Prince Charles has hit out at radical Muslims in a rare public interview calling for those coming to, or born in the UK, to “abide by our values”.

Murderer’s whole life sentence does not violate human rights laws, Strasbourg rules

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has dismissed a mass murderer’s legal challenge against his whole life sentence.

Human rights abuses have fuelled extremist groups

Governments that ignore human rights are fuelling the rise of extremist groups such as Isis and Boko Haram, campaigners have warned.

Surveillance laws have a “chilling effect” on human rights, report claims

European officials have voiced concerns that the scale of surveillance in countries including the UK and America could be a threat to human rights.

British ministry bids for deal with Saudi prison service

Human rights groups have raised concerns about a bid by the UK government for a £6million contract to help run prisons in Saudi Arabia.

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