Human Rights

Minister discriminated against gypsies and travellers, High Court rules

The High Court has ruled that Communities Secretary Eric Pickles “unlawfully discriminated” against Romany Gypsies who wanted to pitch up on greenbelt land.

Human Rights should be put on the curriculum

A TES survey has shown that nine out of 10 teachers want human rights education to be put on the national curriculum for students before they start their GCSEs.

Government criticised after ruling out Guantanamo Bay investigation

Ministers have been criticised for refusing to investigate the involvement of a British security company with Guantanamo Bay.

UK jihadis passport plan would breach human rights

MPs have warned plans to ban British jihadis returning to the UK from the Middle East would breach their human rights.

New appeal to extend Human Rights Act to all those in care

A campaigning pensioner has called for the Human Rights Act to be extended to cover people in private care.

Roma baby given final resting place

A Roma baby at the middle of a human rights scandal has been buried in a French cemetery amid a row over the reported refusal by the mayor of a nearby town to grant her a grave.

Failed London bombers fail to have sentence overturned on Human Rights grounds

Three men who attempted to blow up London’s underground system have lost an appeal against their convictions at the European Court of Human Rights.

New scheme will examine the human rights performance of businesses

Ministers have pledged to support an innovative new scheme, which will assess the human rights record of some of the world’s biggest companies.

Campaigners celebrate after ban on books is ruled unlawful

A High Court ruling, overturning a ban on sending books to prisoners, has been hailed as a victory for common sense.

Human rights campaigners are recognised

Those who have fought to protect and promote the rights of others have been honoured at Liberty’s annual Human Rights Awards.

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