Report reveals £5billion boost from Eastern European immigrants

Eastern European immigrants contributed £5 billion to the UK’s economy in a little over a decade, according to new research.

Eight in ten landlords are unaware of new immigration checks

The majority of UK landlords remain oblivious to new laws which will require them to conduct compulsory immigration checks on prospective tenants, according to a new survey.

Prime Minister’s warning on immigration

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair has waded into the increasingly heated debate about immigration, arguing that curbing the number of people coming into the country would be disastrous.

Labour leader promises “clear and credible” changes to immigration system

A Labour government would bring in a new immigration bill within months of next year’s General Election, their party leader promised last week.

President warns that plans for an immigration cap would be contrary to EU law.

The Prime Minister is on a collision course with the European Union over his plans to restrict free movement.

Party gives backing to greater restrictions on migrant benefits

Labour has signalled it is ready to support more stringent rules on migrants’ ability to claim benefits

Minister says Lib Dems must fight “prejudice and pessimism” surrounding immigration

The Liberal Democrats need to be the voice of “sanity, seriousness and sense” when it comes to immigration, Business Secretary Vince Cable has said.

Cooper confirms that Labour would scrap net migration target

Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper has confirmed that Labour would scrap the Tories’ target to get net migration below 100,000.

Howe+Co historic case in the Guardian

Howe+Co’s landmark campaign for the rights of Gurkhas has been referenced by the Guardian in a piece that discusses milestone legal aid cases. The article comments on Gurkhas alongside the Stephen Lawrence case, the Hillsborough victims and Daniel Roque Hall … Continue reading

Politicians step up attempts to take control of migrant crisis in Calais

Home Secretary Theresa May has announced a £12m deal to tackle the problem of illegal immigrants attempting to enter Britain through Calais.

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