New Measures Introduced to Immigration Tribunals

New measures introduced by the Ministry of Justice earlier this month have revealed that asylum seekers will no longer be informed immediately if they lose an immigration tribunal appeal – with the measures aimed to improve deportation measures.

Visa Laws Hitting Families

Recently published research has suggested that nearly half of all British employees within the UK are unable to live with their spouse from outside the UK, as a result of anti-immigration laws.

Deportation Prevented on Human Rights Grounds

According to reports published over the weekend, despite deportation rules being in place which sees the automatic deportation of foreign criminals, figures have revealed that a number of such criminals have been able to stay in the UK due to … Continue reading

No Immigration Bill in Queen’s Speech

Earlier this week, the Queen gave her annual speech which outlines planned legislation for the government to pass into law during the next twelve months; and despite many predictions, there was no mention of an Immigration Bill.

Individuals Remain in UK Despite Student Visas Expiring

Official figures have suggested that a number of foreign students, from outside the European Union could be staying in the UK illegally, after they have completed the academic studies.

Chancellor Admits Defeat in Immigration Target

Over recent weeks, as part of the build up to next year’s General Election, there has been a lot of speculation in relation to an immigration target set by the current government four years ago.

US May Impose Visa Restrictions

At the end of last week it was announced that officials in the US are considering imposing visas restrictions on the visas of Chinese hackers who intend to attend two popular conferences during the summer.

Government Considering Tougher Immigration Rules

Over the weekend, the Home Secretary Theresa May confirmed that ministers are considering tougher rules in relation to immigration; following claims by the Prime Minister that a previously set target is still achievable.

EU Immigration to UK Up

Figures published ahead of the local and general elections yesterday (May 22nd) revealed that in the year to December last year, there was a significant rise in European Union immigration to the UK.

UK Immigration Policy Criticised

One of the UK’s leading entrepreneurs has again criticised the UK’s immigration policy, describing it as “sheer madness”.

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