PM Confident Over Immigration Figures

At the end of last week, the Prime Minister, David Cameron insisted that the UK will be able to reduce net immigration to below 100,000 per year by the next general election in twelve months time.

Foreign Criminal Deportation Figures Fall

Figures published recently have suggested that it is taking longer to deport foreign criminals from the UK; with the figures suggesting that it is taking up-to six months.

Figures Reveal Number of Migrant Workers in UK

Figures from the Office for National Statistics have revealed that the number of Romanian and Bulgarian workers within the UK has fallen, despite border controls being lifted at the start of the year.

Proposed Changes to “Tier 1 Investor” Visas to Help Start-Ups

A senior government adviser has recently suggested that high net worth individuals who require a visa to reside in the UK – such as those from China – should be encouraged to invest in start-up businesses.

Tourists from China Set to Spend More

According to reports from the beginning of May, tourists from China are set to spend an increased 84 percent by 2017, helped partly by simplified visa rules.

Data Sheds Light on Immigration

New data published by the Department for Work and Pensions has provided a clearer outlook of net migration to the UK, after revealing that roughly four thousand National Insurance numbers are handed to migrants from Eastern Europe each week.

Calls to Halt Deportations of Homosexual Asylum Seekers

Last week it was reported to gay right campaigners from around the world were putting pressure on the UK’s Home Secretary to suspend deportations of gay and lesbian asylum seekers, until a review into the Home Office rules was completed.

Mayor Calls for Immigration Changes

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson has this month insisted that the government should allow thousands of illegal immigrants living in the UK, become British citizens.

Concerns Raised Over Foreign Criminal Deportation Rate

According to the Public Accounts Committee, foreign inmates within UK prisons are not being deported quickly enough to help cut the cost to taxpayers, or reduce overcrowding within UK prisons.

E-Visa Period Extended

Earlier this month (April), Turkey was expected to switch over to e-visa, requiring holiday makers to purchase an e-visa before travelling doing away with the traditional visa system which saw passports stamped when arriving at the border.

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