Limited Deportation Following Immigration Arrests

Figures published towards the end of last week by the Home Office, have revealed that a third of immigration arrests, which occurred as a result of tips offs, result in deportation.

Financial Support for Asylum Seekers to be Revised

Last week, it was revealed that the Home Secretary, Theresa May, had lost a High Court case in relation to the financial support provided to asylum seekers whose claims are being processed.

Guide to Chinese Investment in the UK Published

Towards the end of last month (March), the first ever guide to Chinese investment, produced by the Chinese government was published; and focused primarily on the UK market.

Net Immigration Figures Under-Estimated

According to figures recently published, the number of eastern European immigrants coming to Britain was hugely underestimated; as a result of an official survey failing to monitor arrivals through regional airports.

New Migrant Benefit Measures Introduced

The UK government have this week announced that existing rules limiting out-of-work benefits for migrants entering the UK from European Union countries will be extended to include child benefits and child tax credits.

Immigration Officers “Unfairly” Targeting Restaurants

Earlier this month it was suggested that Asian restaurants were being unfairly targeted by immigration officials.

Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) Visas Come into Force

At the end of last year, the Prime Minister, David Cameron announced that the UK would be introducing a “tech visa”, in a bid to entice the world’s best technology talent to the UK; with the visa forming part of … Continue reading

Chinese Students Account for Quarter of Post-Graduates

Figures published this week have suggested that roughly a quarter of al post-graduates studying at universities throughout the UK are Chinese students.

Visa System Faces Criticism

Campaigners have recently suggested that visa rules for domestic workers are “licensing slavery” within the UK.

UK Fifth For Asylum Seekers

Data published as part of a recent report has suggested that the UK welcomed roughly six percent of all asylum seekers coming to the UK last year.

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