Human rights abuses have fuelled extremist groups

Governments that ignore human rights are fuelling the rise of extremist groups such as Isis and Boko Haram, campaigners have warned.

Worker burned in explosion after being instructed to set weeds alight

A Polish man was badly burned after being told by bosses to set a pile of vegetation alight.

Cable keen to distance Lib Dems from unrealistic immigration target

One of the Liberal Democrats’ best-known MPs is fighting to distance his party from a Conservative policy to cut annual net migration.

Surveillance laws have a “chilling effect” on human rights, report claims

European officials have voiced concerns that the scale of surveillance in countries including the UK and America could be a threat to human rights.

British ministry bids for deal with Saudi prison service

Human rights groups have raised concerns about a bid by the UK government for a £6million contract to help run prisons in Saudi Arabia.

Vet in court after allowing employee to x-ray her own foot

The director of a veterinary practice admitted breaching health and safety laws after allowing an intern to x-ray her own foot.

May defends tough new approach to overseas students

The Home Secretary has defended proposals which would see international students expelled from the UK after graduation.

Minister discriminated against gypsies and travellers, High Court rules

The High Court has ruled that Communities Secretary Eric Pickles “unlawfully discriminated” against Romany Gypsies who wanted to pitch up on greenbelt land.

Human Rights should be put on the curriculum

A TES survey has shown that nine out of 10 teachers want human rights education to be put on the national curriculum for students before they start their GCSEs.

Teenager badly hurt in fall from hospital roof

A building firm found itself in court, after a teenage mental health patient broke her back and pelvis in a fall at the Royal Preston Hospital, in Lancashire.

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