Personal Injury

West Country Workplace Accident Rate Highest

Figures published at the start of this month (May) have revealed that the rate of workplace accidents resulting in serious or fatal injuries, is highest in the West Country, compared to anywhere else in the UK.

Dog Attacks Still High, Despite Measures

According to figures published towards the end of last month, three-hundred people were treated at one hospital in Leicester following dog attacks last year; which although down on the previous figures, continues to highlight the issue of dog attacks in … Continue reading

Cyclist Injured Following Pothole Collision

A cyclist from Surrey is reported claiming personal injury compensation from the City Council, after receiving a number of injuries in a cycling accident, caused by a pothole.

Calls Over H&S at Work

Earlier this week Workers Memorial Day took place with a number of events throughout the UK; and as part of the day the government were urged to ensure that health and safety continues to remain a priority for employers.

Accident Rate amongst Fleet Vehicles Falls

Recent figures have suggested that the number of accidents involving fleet vehicles has reduced; with more fleet owners putting an increased emphasis on reducing road risks.

Firm Fined Following Fall From Height

Earlier this week, it was reported that a business from the Greater Manchester area were fined £30,000 and ordered to pay costs, after an employee suffered severe injuries in a fall from height.

Campaign to Reduce Cycling Accidents

A new campaign is to be launched within one region in the North of England, in an attempt to reduce the number of cycling related injuries.

Increase in Personal Injury Compensation for Teachers

Over the last four years the personal injury compensation paid out to teachers throughout the UK has significantly increased; with payouts covering a wide range of personal injury cases.

Not All Personal Injury Claims are Successful

It has been suggested within a recent report that a high percentage of people who receive an injury within the workplace, fail with their claims for compensation.

Council Pays out £40,000 for Slips & Trips

Recent figures have suggested that during the last four years, a council in the South of England have paid out in excess of £40,000 for injuries caused as a result of members of the public slipping and injuring themselves on … Continue reading

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