Personal Injury

Whiplash Reforms Reduce Insurance Premiums

Earlier this week, it was revealed that optimism surrounding future whiplash reforms, has helped to reduced insurance premiums within the UK.

Multiple Injuries Prevent Plasterer Returning to Work

It has recently been revealed that a plasterer, who suffered a number of injuries following a fall, may not return to the trade – due to the injuries sustained.

School Injury Payouts Exceed £60,000

Over the weekend, it was reported that families within North Yorkshire have received almost £70,000 in personal injury compensation, following injuries sustained by children within school.

Noise Contributes to Work Accidents

It has been suggested following recent research that extremely loud noise within the workplace, increases the risk of an employee being involved within a workplace accident.

Firm Fined Following Asbestos Risk

At the end of last month (March) it was reported that a property firm from Bristol had been fined, after pleading guilty to exposing employees to asbestos.

Student Rugby Player Receives Damages for Injuries

A former school rugby player was last week awarded in excess of £2 million, as a result of head injuries caused whilst playing for his school’s rugby team.

Potholes Lead to Serious Injuries for Cyclists

As a cyclist, the dangers of the roads are often all too clear, with many cyclists commenting on the need for safer cycle routes to protect riders from traffic. However, along with other vehicles being a potential hazard for cyclists, … Continue reading

Accident Warning Ahead of Clock Change

Ahead of the clicks going forward an hour on Sunday (March 30th) under British Summer Time, motorists are being advised to take extra care; as lighter evenings typically mean more children out playing.

Cyclists Raise Concerns About Roads

A recent consultation conducted by a borough council in Berkshire has revealed that poor driving by motorists and dangerous roads are two of the main reasons for people not cycling within the area.

Pothole Leads to Injuries

A cyclist has been awarded roughly £70,000 following injuries sustained in an accident caused by a pothole.

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