Calls for Changes in Privacy Law

In April, the former front-man for The Jam and Style Council, Paul Weller, won privacy case against a national newspaper; following what he called misuse of private information.

The case centred on the use of unpixelated images of his three children, who were all under 16 years old at the time, in an online article.

Now, it has been reported that the singer and his wife have launched a campaign to prevent images of children being published without their parent’s permission; whilst they have also called on the government to change the law so that if images of children are used without their parent’s permission, there faces must be pixelated.

The couple aren’t the first to call for changes in the law, author JK Rowling previously called for greater protection of children in the media; whilst earlier this year, actress Halle Berry was successful in changing Californian Law, which prevents the harassment of children of famous people.

Whilst the couple have called for changes to the law, for those who feel that their privacy has been infringed, our human right solicitors in London may be able to assist with a legal challenge.

At Howe+Co, we have extensive experience in high profile cases in respect of the right to private and family life; and our solicitors are committed to providing clients with honest, impartial and tailored legal advice.

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