Calls to Halt Deportations of Homosexual Asylum Seekers

Last week it was reported to gay right campaigners from around the world were putting pressure on the UK’s Home Secretary to suspend deportations of gay and lesbian asylum seekers, until a review into the Home Office rules was completed.

According to reports, in excess of 160,000 people worldwide have signed a petition calling for the deportation of gay and lesbian asylum seekers to be halted, until the review is completed – with the petition following concerns that a lesbian asylum seeker from Nigeria could face stoning if she is deported back to her home country.

At the end of last month (March), the Home Secretary ordered a review into how cases involving gay and lesbian asylum seekers were handled, after findings from a leaked report were published.

According to the leaked report compiled by MPs, there were cases of gay and lesbian asylum seekers being required to provide sexually explicit information of themselves to prove their sexuality.

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