Campaign to Reduce Cycling Accidents

A new campaign is to be launched within one region in the North of England, in an attempt to reduce the number of cycling related injuries.

The campaign, which is set to take place in the Wirral, comes after it was reported that within the last year 11 children and over 60 adults were injured in cycling related accidents – although the figures only refer to those whose accidents involved police action..

Under the campaign which takes place over two days later this month (April), a safe-cycling roadshow will see cycling experts be on hand to check bikes; whilst cyclists will also be able to receive information and tips on safe cycling, and safe-cycling routes within the area.

Meanwhile, a council in the South of England have announced that in an attempt to make their area more cycle friendly they are to lift current cycling restrictions.

Over the last five years, accidents within the area involving cyclists and pedestrians have occurred away from pedestrian areas; and in a move to make the area more cycling friendly, it has been announced that restrictions which have prevented cyclists from riding through Bournemouth Square and Pier approach are to be lifted for a 12 month trial period.

Whilst the latest reports have revealed that more is being done by councils throughout England to reduce cycling accidents, as personal injury solicitors we understand and appreciate that accidents involving cyclists can occur at any time.

This is why our injury specialists are on hand to offer honest and impartial legal advice to those who have been injured in such an accident, recent the personal injury compensation they are entitled to.

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