Independent inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse – Ben Emerson QC

As the solicitor and Queens Counsel representing almost 20 % of core participants in the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse Public Inquiry, we wish to express our grave concern regarding he reports that Counsel to the Inquiry, Mr Ben Emerson QC, is considering his position.

Our many Survivor clients do not, without full and proper consultation, agree with any modification or reduction in Scope of the Inquiry’s Terms of Reference or Scope. Our clients have been, and remain, deeply concerned that the Inquiry continues to make important decisions behind closed doors and without consultation with Survivors.

However, we wish to state publicly that Mr Emerson QC is a distinguished and respected counsel with an excellent track record in large, complex and difficult public Inquiries, such as the highly charged Leveson Inquiry.

We urge the Home Secretary and the Chair of the IICSA, Professor Alexis Jay to listen carefully to the concerns of Mr Emerson, and to provide whatever additional support is needed to allow him and his team to successfully drive forward this vitally important Public Inquiry.

David Enright JP, solicitor representing core participant, said:

“Tens of thousands of Survivors of child sexual across the UK have waited their whole lives for an Inquiry that will provide them with truth, Justice and hold those who blighted their lives to account.
We call on the Home Secretary and Chair of the IICSA to engage actively and urgently to find a way forward that secures the confidence of Survivors and provides the Inquiry’s legal team with the resources and support they need to deliver the justice and truth that Survivors deserve.”

Sam Stein QC, of Mansfield Chambers, said:

“Ben Emerson QC is a distinguished legal counsel who has demonstrated determination, skill and fearlessness in, for example, his examination of powerful witnesses in the Leveson Inquiry. Whereas, those I represent are deeply dissatisfied with aspects of how the IICSA has been conducted thus far, I am certain that Ben Emerson would be an asset to this vital public Inquiry going forward. Mr Emerson brings intellectual weight, honesty and integrity to the
IICSA. I urge the Home Secretary to seek to find a way in which his valuable contribution can be maintained.”

Notes to Editors

David Enright is a partner with Howe & co Solicitors and represents almost 20% of all core participants in the Inquiry. He is a former solicitor of the year, winner of the Liberty and Justice Human Rights award, and a member of the Council of Liberty.

Sam Stein QC, is a part of Mansfield Chambers, and a distinguished Queens Council he is instructed to act on behalf of core participants in this IICSA.

Contacts: David Enright (Howe & Co Solicitors) 0208 840 4688