Concerns Raised Over CCTV Safety Cameras in Schools

Over the weekend, a teachers’ union conference heard concerns relating to the use of CCTV surveillance cameras within schools throughout the UK.

During the conference, delegates heard results from a survey of the union’s members who raised concerns that the cameras were being misused within schools, with teachers raising concerns the cameras were being misused by senior staff as a way of spying on classes.

According to the conference, one in 12 members of the union were working with “permanent surveillance” within the classroom; with the survey results indicating that one in ten who had cameras within their classroom were unable to turn them off, and assumed they were constantly recording.

Delegates at the conference also heard how not only did the use of CCTV safety cameras provide unfair pressure on teachers, whilst stifling their creativity, but that more than half of those surveyed believed that head teachers looked at the recordings as a form of observing the teaching.

Concerns were also raised that senior staff were able to erase negative evidence relating to themselves from the camera’s recordings.

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