Council Breached Individual’s Human Rights

Over the weekend, it was reported that the Court of Protection have recently ruled that the human rights of an individual with dementia had been breached; after she was placed into care.

According to reports, the individual’s local authority removed her from her home and into care, as they investigated allegations of neglect.

However, the Court of Protection ruled that the local authority had acted unlawfully within the matter, due to neither applying to the Court of Protection for permission to place the individual in care, nor seeking authorisation from their own specialist panel.

The Court of Appeal also heard how the local authority failed to inform the son of the individual where is mother was for over two weeks; and then only allowed him limited contact due to the investigation into allegations of neglect.

Ruling on the matter, a Court of Protection Judge stated that the individual had been unlawfully deprived of her liberty; whilst her human rights to a family life had also been breached.

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