Council Has Highest Compensation Bill for School Injuries

Earlier this week, it was reported that a primary school within Scotland has been shut after three children were injured when roof tiles and plaster fell.

However, whilst it has been reported that the school has closed for the week as a precaution following the incident; additional reports have revealed that the council in Southampton have the highest compensation payout bill for school injuries, out of any council within England.

According to the figures, over the last year Southampton Council paid out in excess of £305,000 to pupils and staff following slips, trips and falls; with the figure including a £100,000 payout to a pupil who was injured after slipping on stairs within the school.

Meanwhile, the figures have revealed that councils local to Southampton have varying compensation payout bills following injuries to pupils and teachers; with Portsmouth City Council paying out in excess of £17,000 during the same period; whilst the compensation bill for Dorset County Council was less than £2,000.

Whilst the latest figures have revealed the compensation paid out by councils within the South of England over the last year, following injuries to pupils and teachers; as personal injury solicitors we understand and appreciate that accidents and injuries can occur within schools and any workplace environment, at any time.

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