Cyclists Raise Concerns About Roads

A recent consultation conducted by a borough council in Berkshire has revealed that poor driving by motorists and dangerous roads are two of the main reasons for people not cycling within the area.

Ahead of its 2014 Cycling Strategy, the council received in excess of 300 responses to an online consultation; with the results highlighting that regular cyclists are calling for better maintenance of roads; better lighting and more separated cycling routes to help encourage more people to cycle within the area, whilst reducing the number of accidents.

It is estimated that within the borough, journeys undertaken by cyclists account for three percent of all journeys taken; however 25 percent of all reported accidents in the area involve cyclists; and the survey has highlighted that people do not feel safe cycling due to it not always being possible to separate cyclists from traffic and pedestrians.

Whilst the latest survey has revealed concerns of cyclists; as personal injury solicitors we are able to assist those who have been injured whilst on their bike receive the personal injury compensation they are entitled to.

Our experienced team will evaluate the facts of the accident, before advising whether we can help with the process of making a personal injury claim; and if so, we will guide you through the steps, helping you receive a quick, efficient and fair outcome.

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