Deportation Prevented on Human Rights Grounds

According to reports published over the weekend, despite deportation rules being in place which sees the automatic deportation of foreign criminals, figures have revealed that a number of such criminals have been able to stay in the UK due to human rights.

Under current legislation, foreign criminals are liable to be deported automatically if they have been sentenced to one year or more in prison; although they are free to lodge an appeal if they believe they should be exempt from deportation.

The latest Home Office figures have revealed that due to such criminals being able to launch an appeal, in excess of 600 criminals have been able to fight of deportation over the last three years – with the Home Office giving up on the process of deporting in excess of 200 foreign criminals after learning of their intention to appeal on Human Rights grounds.

In the other 400 cases, those facing deportation were successful in their appeals via the courts.

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