E-Visa Period Extended

Earlier this month (April), Turkey was expected to switch over to e-visa, requiring holiday makers to purchase an e-visa before travelling doing away with the traditional visa system which saw passports stamped when arriving at the border.

However, following lobbying by ABTA, the transitional period for e-visas has been extended until the end of this year; although holidaymakers and visitors to Turkey will still be required to purchase an e-visa.

Under the transitional period, those who arrive at borders, whether within an airport or a land border, will be able to purchase an e-visa at specialist kiosks.

Meanwhile, holidaymakers are being warned about unauthorised websites selling e-visas, which charge to provide information about e-visas and for submitting information; as these websites are neither endorsed nor authorised by the Turkish government.

Instead, holidaymakers are being advised to use the official Turkish government website, which will charge a flat fee for a 90-day multi-visa.

Whilst Turkey have extended the transitional period for e-visas; for those who have concerns surrounding tourist visas, or any other visa concerns; the experienced immigration solicitors at Howe+Co will be able to assist.

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