EU Immigration to UK Up

Figures published ahead of the local and general elections yesterday (May 22nd) revealed that in the year to December last year, there was a significant rise in European Union immigration to the UK.

Recently, the Prime Minister, David Cameron has stated that he is confident that the UK can reach a target to cut net migration to below 100,000 per year by the next general election, which takes place next year.

The target was set by the government at the last general election; however the latest figures have revealed that net migration has remained unchanged since the last quarter, at double the target.

The figures, compiled by the Office for National Statistics have also revealed that in the year to December 2013, roughly 201,000 European Union citizens came to the UK as long term immigrants, with 125,000 citing work reasons for their long-term stay within the UK.

According to the official figures, in the year to March there was also a seven percent increase in the number of registrations for overseas workers, whilst it is estimated that there are now half a million immigrants within the UK.

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