Fears remain about cycle safety

AROUND half of all adults believe that their local roads are too dangerous for cyclists, a new poll has shown.

The BBC surveyed more than 3000 people and found that there was still deep concern about the risks attached to travelling on two wheels, particularly among older people.

Cycle campaigners have said that badly maintained and laid out roads make it difficult for those who get around by bike.

And while the Department for Transport has pledged to plough more than £350m into improving infrastructure for cyclists, many feel that not enough is being done.

Following the BBC’s findings, a number of current and former Olympians have joined the calls for the Government and local councils to take further measures.

Chris Boardman, who won gold at the Barcelona Games, said that the safety and needs of cyclists should be prioritised when planning all future transport schemes.

Around 3000 cyclists are killed or seriously injured on Britain’s roads each year. The majority of accidents happen in urban areas, with collisions at t-junctions and roundabouts particularly common.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) said that in 2012 there were 19,091 casualties recorded.

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