Financial Support for Asylum Seekers to be Revised

Last week, it was revealed that the Home Secretary, Theresa May, had lost a High Court case in relation to the financial support provided to asylum seekers whose claims are being processed.

Currently, single asylum seekers receive financial support whilst their applications are being processed, with the financial support equating to just over £36 per week; whilst those awaiting a decision on their asylum application are usually unable to work during this time too.

The rates have been frozen for the last three years, and it was originally announced that they would remain at their current level during the 2013 / 2014 financial year.

However, it has been argued that it is unacceptable that the financial support provided to asylum seekers had been frozen for the last three years; and the High Court ruled that the Home Secretary had not acted rationally.

According to the High Court ruling, the Home Secretary’s decision in relation to financial support for asylum seekers was “flawed”, whilst the judge added that Ms May had either “misunderstood or misapplied information which she treated as important in reaching her decision.”

Following the ruling, the Home Secretary has been given until early August to reach a decision on the new level of support provided to asylum seekers.

Whilst the ruling has advised the Home Secretary that she must make a decision in relation to the financial support provided to asylum seekers by early August, for those who require assistance with their asylum applications, the immigration solicitors in London, at Howe+Co can assist.

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