Holidaymakers Injured in Airports

Recently published figures have revealed that over 30 percent of holidaymakers have been injured within an airport; with injuries sustained including broken toes, sprained ankles and pulled muscles.

The figures, which were compiled following a survey of over 2,000 adult holidaymakers, found that over the last three years 34 percent have been injured within an airport.

Topping the list of reasons for injuries being sustained, was luggage – with holidaymakers suggesting that luggage had fallen on them, or they had tripped over it.

According to the figures from the survey, whilst 49 percent suggested that luggage was the cause of their airport injury, almost 14 percent blamed escalators for their injuries, whilst 17 percent suggested the injuries they sustained were as a result of other passengers rushing.

In addition, the figures also revealed that 15 percent of holidaymakers suffered broken bones following an airport injury, 14 percent cuts and grazes, and 10 percent sprained or twisted ankles.

Whilst the latest figures have revealed the number of holidaymakers injured over the last three years within airports; for those who have suffered an injury within any accident – whether at work, in an airport or via a road traffic accident – if it can be proven that the cause of the accident was another person’s fault, then our personal injury solicitors may be able to help you claim personal injury compensation.

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