Ill-Treatment in Care Homes

At the end of last month (April), it was reported that following an investigation conducted by BBC Panorama, one of England’s largest care homes had dismissed a care worker, and suspended several others – pending an internal investigation.

The investigation, which was conducted over 36 shifts found significant evidence of poor care towards residents within the care home; with images shown in the broadcast revealing instances of care workers taunting elderly residents, rough handling and physical abuse.

Following the investigation, the Care Minister has described the scenes as “absolutely disgusting” and has hinted that CCTV cameras could be introduced to prevent future instances.

Meanwhile, additional reports have revealed figures from the Care Commission which have highlighted that over a third of care homes within the UK have received warnings about poor care since 2011; with many still failing to meet basic standards.

The latest news surrounding the care within care homes, highlights the importance of human rights needs for the elderly, and issues surrounding ill-treatment – and those who have been victims of such treatment, our human rights solicitors in London can assist.

To find out how we can help you, whether you’ve been a victim of ill-treatment; or had your human rights breached in another way; contact a member of our legal team, today.

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