Ill-Treatment in Health Care to Become Criminal Offence

The government have recently announced plans to introduce legislation which will see wilful neglect and ill-treatment of adults in health and social care services become a criminal offence.

The announcement, which was made last week, is set to see the Criminal Justice and Courts Bill amended next year to include wilful neglect and ill-treatment of adults across all health and social care services become a criminal offence.

Under the new legislation, health and social care staff, as well as their organisations will be able to be prosecuted, if found guilty of ill-treatment or wilful neglect of adults within their care.

According to reports, the penalties for health and social care professionals found guilty of such offences are likely to be the same as penalties currently issued under the Mental Capacity Act 2005; whilst for organisations it is believed that penalties will be similar to those for corporate manslaughter.

The latest legislation follows reports from earlier this year, which revealed that over a third of care homes within the UK have received warnings about poor care since 2011; with many still failing to meet basic standards.

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