Individuals Remain in UK Despite Student Visas Expiring

Official figures have suggested that a number of foreign students, from outside the European Union could be staying in the UK illegally, after they have completed the academic studies.

Over recent years, the number of student visas issued, and the number of student entries into the UK has been reduced, as the government look to reach a target, set four years ago, to reduce net migration – with official figures revealing that 177,000 people moved to the UK for long-term study last year, compared to 246,000 in 2011.

However, despite the reduction in the number of student visas being granted, it has been reported that there is evidence that there are a number of non-European Union students who have remained in the UK, despite their student visas expiring.

According to the latest figures, last year 50,000 people on student visas from outside the European Union left the UK, despite 145,000 in 2012, 185,000 in 2011 and 186,000 in 2010 entering the UK to study.

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