Injuries Caused by Dogs on the Increase

It has been revealed that the number of injuries sustained following dog attacks in Wales has increased significantly over the last decade.

Latest figures, published at the beginning of this week, have suggested that since 2002 / 2003 there has been over an 80 percent increase in the number of people injured by dogs; with in excess of 400 people being admitted to hospital following such incidents during 2012 / 2013.

Of the hospital admissions in Wales last year for injuries sustained by dog attacks, the statistics suggested that over 90 were for children aged fourteen and under.

In addition to revealing that dog attacks in Wales have increased over the last decade; additional reports have revealed that dog owners in Torquay are being warned by police to consider muzzles for their pets; after a spate of unconnected dog attacks in an hour.

According to the reports, over the weekend there were three separate dog attacks, which left two dog owners and one dog with injuries; and following the incidents, the police have warned owners that if their dogs show any signs of aggression to either dogs or other humans, they should consider a muzzle.

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