Injuries Sustained as a Result of Road Defects

Potholes are a common site on roads throughout the UK, especially following winter months. However, unrepaired potholes can lead to accidents occurring and injuries being sustained – and according to recent reports, one council has paid in excess of £10,000 to one claimant who suffered such an injury.

According to reports, over the last five years Cambridge City Council have received half-a-dozen claims in relation to injuries sustained as a result of potholes, with eight claims being settled at no cost, and a further four ongoing.

However, one of the claims resulted in the Council paying the claimant in excess of £10,000 compensation for the injuries sustained; whilst it has also been reported that over the last year the same council has paid out in excess of £40,000 to pedestrians who were injured following slips and trips on pavements.

Meanwhile, a second council in Southwest London has successfully defended claims from six cyclists who sought personal injury compensation for injuries sustained by potholes; although one cyclist was successful in their claim – and received compensation totalling £700.

As experienced personal injury solicitors, we understand the consequences of injuries sustained as a result of potholes; and as such we are able to help cyclists, pedestrians and other road users who have been injured by a pothole or in an accident caused by a road defect, receive the compensation they deserve.

Our experienced solicitors will help the injured party receive the compensation they are entitled to, if it can be proven that the accident was the fault of another road user.

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