Julian Assange’s human rights have been “violated”

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has had his human rights violated, Ecuador’s foreign minister claimed this week.

Mr Assange has not set foot outside the Ecuadorian embassy, in West London, for over two years, fearing that he will be arrested the moment he leaves the building.

The 43-year-old had sought political asylum in June 2012 to escape being extradited to Sweden to face allegations of rape and sexual assault.

The controversial campaigner, who has denied any wrongdoing, fears that the Swedish authorities may send him on to the US, where he could face charges related to his WikiLeaks activities.

A diplomatic stalemate has developed, with police officers maintaining a 24-hour vigil outside the embassy gates.

This week, Ricardo Patino, Ecuador’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, said a solution to the stalemate didn’t seem to be in sight.

“The British government hasn’t taken any steps in that direction,” he told the Guardian newspaper.

“We have made proposals, we have submitted documents, and all we have seen on the part of the British government is an increase in security to make sure Julian Assange does not leave the embassy, but there has been no political will or any steps taken towards a diplomatic solution to this.

“Everyone around the world knows that the rights of Julian Assange have been violated.”

Mr Assange, an Australian national, held a press conference on Monday, where he told the assembled journalists that he would be leaving the embassy “soon”.

However, he was vague about claims that his extended stay was leading to health problems – some sources have reported he has developed chronic heart and lung conditions as a result of his confinement.

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