Mayor of London Suggests Immigration Helps Economy

Recently, the Home Secretary Theresa May admitted that reaching the net migration target set four years ago was proving difficult; but added that the government will continue to introduce and implement measures to achieve their goals.

According to the latest official figures in the year to September 2013, net migration in the UK hit 212,000, an increase of over 50,000 compared to the year before – and well above the target set four years ago of 100,000.

In an attempt to help the government reach their targets, measures for tougher immigration rules have been proposed, including deporting European Union migrants who claim benefits but have not worked within the UK; and reducing the time limit immigrants can claim benefits for – cutting the period in half, to three months.

However, the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson has suggested that the economy – particularly that of London, can only continue to thrive if the UK continues to welcome immigrants; although he did add that they must be encourage to integrate into British society.

Comments from the London Mayor came at a recent conference, where he suggested that London’s economic situation would perform much better if it followed the example of Athens, rather than Sparta.

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