Mum to pursue compensation claim after horrific dog attack

A young mum who was scarred for life after being mauled by a friend’s dog has said she will sue the owner for thousands of pounds.

Laura Holmes’ injuries were so severe she needed 60 stitches and felt unable to even look in the mirror.

Last week, the 21-year-old appeared on Good Morning Britain to describe the attack, which happened when she visited her friend’s home earlier this year.

She said that the American Akita had jumped at her and tore chunks out of her mouth and cheek. She managed to push the animal off, but as she fled to the bathroom the dog sunk its teeth into her arm and leg.

Miss Holmes, who was seven months pregnant at the time, had feared for the safety of her unborn baby and despite extensive reconstructive surgery still has problems eating and drinking.

The dog’s owner, Tracie Taylor, became the first person in Britain to be charged under the revised Dangerous Dogs Act – previously owners were immune from prosecution if their pet attacked a person in their private residence.

The 49-year-old admitted having a dog dangerously out of control and received a 16-week suspended prison sentence and a life ban from keeping animals.

Nottingham Magistrates Court also ordered that the seven stone dog be destroyed.

Following her ordeal, Miss Holmes has instructed solicitors and intends to make a claim for compensation.

“No amount of money can make up for this,” she told the ITV programme. “I could not look in the mirror for about eight weeks. My confidence has now completely gone and I don’t know if it will come back

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