New Legislation Introduced for Dangerous Dogs

Each year a number of people within the UK are admitted to hospital for treatment on injuries caused following dog attacks; whilst recent figures have revealed that hundreds of “dangerous dogs” were destroyed last year.

As a result of a steady increase in the number of dog attacks taking place throughout the UK, new legislation has this week been introduced; which brings about tougher penalties for owners whose dogs attack.

Under the new legislation, owners whose dog fatally injure another person could face up-to 14 years in prison, an increase on the previous maximum of two years; whilst owners whose dogs seriously injure, could face up-to five years in prison; again a rise from previous maximum.

In addition, for the first time the dangerous dogs act includes a provision to protect assistance dogs; with owners whose pets attack an assistance dog facing up-to three years in prison.

Whilst new legislation has been introduced which brings about tougher penalties for owners whose dogs injure someone else; as personal injury solicitors we understand and appreciate that dog attacks and can still do happen – sometimes without warning.

This is why, our injury solicitors are on hand to offer honest, impartial and tailored personal injury advice to those who have been injured by a dog, or another animal, through no fault of their own.

Our solicitors will assess the facts surrounding the incident, before advising on whether you have a case to make a personal injury claim; and if you do, we will guide you through the process – helping you to achieve the best possible outcome.

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