New Migrant Benefit Measures Introduced

The UK government have this week announced that existing rules limiting out-of-work benefits for migrants entering the UK from European Union countries will be extended to include child benefits and child tax credits.

Currently European Union migrants are required to live in the UK for at least three months before they are able to apply for jobseekers’ allowance; and under the new measures introduced this week, from the summer the same rules will apply for child benefit and child tax credits.

In addition, the government also introduced measures which will remove the routine access to interpretation services for European Union migrants eligible for jobseekers’ allowance.

Instead, from the end of this month (April) the English skills of migrants will be tested, and where it is considered that the language skills are a barrier to enabling European Union migrants from finding work, they will be expected to improve their skills by attending local training courses.

The government have announced that migrants will be expected to have improved their language skills within six months, and failure to attend these course or failure to show they are making an effort to improve their language skills, will result in sanctions being imposed, including the removal of benefits.

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