New Visa Centre Opens

It has recently been revealed that a new visa centre has been opened in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, in a move which is expected to help maintain the flow of visitors from the country to the UK.

At present, it is estimated that each year 100,000 visitors from Saudi Arabia travel to the UK for both business and leisure reasons; and it is hoped that the new visa centre which opened at the end of May will help maintain this flow, and increase it.

According to the British Ambassador, the centre in Jeddah will provide customers with a “first class experience” by not only providing online services, but also offering additional premium and priority services.

Whilst the latest reports have revealed that the new visa centre has opened in Jeddah, and that it is set to help maintain a steady flow of visitors to the UK from Saudi Arabia, for those who are facing difficulties with their tourist visas – as well as those experiencing difficulties with their business, family and spousal visa; our immigration solicitors at Howe+Co can help.

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