Not All Personal Injury Claims are Successful

It has been suggested within a recent report that a high percentage of people who receive an injury within the workplace, fail with their claims for compensation.

According to the latest figures, which have been published within a report compiled by APIL and TUC, during 2012 / 2013, in excess of 600,000 employees suffered a workplace related injury or a work-related illness.

However, the figures have revealed that roughly only 90,000 of those who suffered an injury or work-related illness were successful within their personal injury compensation claims.

The latest statistics have also revealed that as many as 25,000 of those who suffered an injury or illness within the workplace during the same period, were required to give up work.

As personal injury solicitors, we understand and appreciate the consequences of being injured within the workplace; and we also understand the importance of receiving personal injury compensation to cover any medical costs and loss of earnings which may arise as a result of the injury.

This is why, our personal injury solicitors are committed to providing honest, impartial and tailored advice; ensuring that when you come to speak to us, you are provided with all the information in relation to how the personal injury claim process works, and your chances of being successful with your personal injury claim.

If you would like to see how our solicitors can assist you with your personal injury case, come and speak to our team today.

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