Phone-Hacking Trial Raises Privacy Questions

As the long-running case surrounding the phone-hacking activities conducted at a former red-top newspaper continues; it has been claimed that the former News of the World editor know about the “project” to hack phones of the Royal Family and celebrities.

A police inquiry into phone hacking was launched in 2011, which saw four journalists, including three senior editorial executives, admit phone hacking offences and the closure of the paper, has resulted in a long running court case.

During the trial on March 20th, a former journalist from the paper – who was previously jailed for four months for his part in the phone-hacking scandal – suggested that the former editor in question knew about the “project” and knowingly approved payments for the Royal Family hacking project.

The court also heard that the paper approved “phone-hacking” on an industrial scale. However the former editor in question denied involvement in a conspiracy to intercept voicemails.

Both the former editor and journalist providing evidence have pleaded not guilty to two charges of conspiring to cause misconduct in public office by paying public officials for royal telephone directories.

Whilst the trial continues into the phone-hacking conducted by the paper, for those who have significant media interest, our human rights solicitors in London are able to assist with cases relating to the right to private and family life (Article 8 of the ECHR).

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