Pothole Leads to Injuries

A cyclist has been awarded roughly £70,000 following injuries sustained in an accident caused by a pothole.

According to reports, the cyclist from Hertfordshire suffered severe injuries in the accident which took place in 2009; and was caused by a defect in the road which resulted in the cyclist losing control of his bike and hitting his head.

Following the incident, which led to the cyclist suffering a fractured skull, broken arm and damage to his brainstem – which resulted in significant deafness – he sued the County Council, for failing to fix the pothole which he claimed was a “real source of danger”.

The High Court have this month ruled in favour of the cyclist, awarding him nearly £70,000 in personal injury compensation.

It is believed that road defects, such as potholes, cause more serious injuries to cyclists than accidents with vehicles; and as experienced personal injury solicitors, we are able to help those cyclists who have been injured in an accident, receive the compensation they deserve.

Our experienced solicitors will help the injured party receive the compensation they are entitled to, if it can be proven that the accident was the fault of another road user.

To find out how we can help you, contact us today.

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