Proposed Changes to “Tier 1 Investor” Visas to Help Start-Ups

A senior government adviser has recently suggested that high net worth individuals who require a visa to reside in the UK – such as those from China – should be encouraged to invest in start-up businesses.

Speaking earlier this month, Professor Sir David Metcalf, outlined proposals for significant reforms to a government visa scheme which allows foreigners who invest a minimum of £1m to live in the UK, but does not give them access to a UK passport.

Currently, under the “tier 1 investor” scheme, wealthy foreigners who want to live in the UK must prove that they have £1m, £5m or £10m to invest, 75 per cent of which must be ploughed into either Government gilts or share capital in UK registered firms.

According to reports, most of these individuals prefer to invest in gilts, as if the value of their shareholding in a company drops below the various financial thresholds, they are forced to top up the value of their investment.

However, under the proposals put forward by Professor Sir David, the Government should adapt the scheme to enable the money from these individuals to be invested in fledgling firms, as this would also benefit the UK economy; whilst also making the topping-up rule redundant.

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