Red Light Changes Proposed to Prevent Accidents

According to reports from earlier this week, traffic lights throughout the UK could stay on red for longer, to provide more time for pedestrians – particularly the elderly – to cross the road, and therefore prevent accidents from occurring.

The current time given for pedestrians to cross at traffic lights has not changed since the 1950s, despite more vehicles being on the road and the ageing population.

However, according to reports, the Transport Minister has hinted that more cross systems will include sensors which will keep the lights on red, if it is detected that someone is taking longer to cross the road than the average time.

It has also been revealed that proposals put forward by Transport for London are also being considered, to improve the safety of pedestrians when crossing roads.

Under the proposals put forward by Transport for London, new traffic lights will include sensors which can detect how many people are waiting to cross the road, and adjust the length of time the red light shows to ensure they are all able to cross safely.

Whilst the latest reports have revealed that proposals to help improve pedestrian safety are being considered, for those who have been injured in a road traffic accident – whether as a pedestrian, passenger or driver – if the accident was not your fault, our personal injury solicitors may be able to help you make a personal injury compensation claim.

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