Report Reveals Torture Fears

A report published earlier this month has suggested that nearly half of the people around the world fear torture within custody; with the biggest concerns coming from Brazil and Mexico.

The report is based on findings from a poll of 21,000 people in 21 countries, which revealed that 44 percent of respondents had concerns relating to torture in custody; with 80 percent of respondents in Brazil highlighting they fear torture within custody.

For respondents in Mexico, the figure fell slightly to 64 percent; whilst the lowest concerns come from Britain and Australia, with 15 and 16 percent of respondents raising concerns about torture in custody.

In addition to revealing the number of participants who fear torture whilst in custody, the report has also revealed that four out of five respondents want clearer laws to be implemented to prevent torture; whilst 60 percent believe that torture cannot be justified in any circumstance.

Whilst the latest figures have revealed the number of people around the world who fear torture within custody; for those who believe they have been tortured or the victims of ill-treatment, our human rights solicitors in London will be able to assist with a legal case.

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