Road Injury Figures Fall

Official government figures published earlier this week have revealed that the number of reported fatalities on UK roads fell to their lowest levels during the twelve months of last year.

According to the latest figures, during 2013, the number of reported fatalities on UK roads fell to 1,713, the lowest number of reported fatalities since records began in 1926; whilst serious and slight injuries on UK roads also experienced falls – with both recording a fall of six percent.

The breakdown of the latest figures revealed that fatal and serious injuries suffered by cyclists on UK roads during the year fell by eight and two percent respectively; whilst the number of motorcyclists fatally injured on the roads saw a slight increase of one percent.

Other figures revealed that serious injuries suffered by motorcyclists during the year fell by three percent; whilst 48 fatalities to children (aged 15 years old and under) were recorded – a fall from the year before; with serious injuries suffered by children also experiencing a fall.

Whilst the latest figures have revealed that there have been falls in reported fatalities and serious injuries on UK roads over the last year; as personal injury solicitors we understand that when you or a loved one has been involved in a road accident, it can be a traumatic and upsetting experience.

This is why, we are on hand to offer support, advice and guidance – designed to enable you to take the relevant legal action required, and receive the compensation you deserve.

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