School Injury Payouts Exceed £60,000

Over the weekend, it was reported that families within North Yorkshire have received almost £70,000 in personal injury compensation, following injuries sustained by children within school.

The latest figures have revealed that over a five year period, North Yorkshire County Council have settled personal injury claims totalling £68,000; with the figures revealing that in excess of £25,000 was paid out following injuries caused as a result of slips and trips.

It was also revealed that in excess of £10,000 was paid out to families following injuries sustained by their children within PE lessons.

According to a breakdown of the latest figures, the highest compensation payout made by the Council, was £10,000 following injuries sustained as a result of a slip / trip; whilst two pupils during the five year period received payouts which had a combined total of nearly £6,000 after being hit by a moving / falling object.

As personal injury solicitors, we understand and appreciate that despite measures being put in place, accidents can and do still happen within school grounds – which is why we are on hand to offer honest, impartial and tailored legal advice, to help the injured party and their family receive any compensation they are entitled to.

Provided someone else is at fault for any injury sustained by your child whilst at school, your child will be entitled to compensation, whilst you may also be entitled to claim for reimbursement of any expenses which you have incurred as a result of your child’s injuries.

To find out how we can help you make a successful claim, contact our solicitors today.

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