Slavery Still an Issue in UK

It has recently been suggested that the number of people being used as “slaves” in the UK is increasing, with a charity that campaigns against human trafficking suggesting the issue of forced labour is a major problem in the UK.

According to Freedom of Information figures, over the last three years in excess of 330 slavery cases have been investigated within the UK, with 170 being investigated by the Metropolitan Police in London, and a further 88 being investigated by police in Scotland.

However, according to the charity the true figure is likely to be ten times higher than that reported; as many as 90 percent of cases do not come to the attention of authorities.

Whilst the charity has suggested that the issue of “slavery” is a major problem within the UK, the Minister for Slavery and Organised Crime has stated that the government is doing everything within its power to tackle the issue; and is introducing a Modern Slavery Bill.

The Bill is set to be the first of its kind introduced in Europe, and will ensure that victims of slavery are protected, whilst those found guilty of slavery face life imprisonment.

As Human Rights solicitors in London, we recognise the issue of “slavery” within the UK, and through our experience within this particular area of law; we have previously helped victims of torture and ill-treatment (Article 3 of the ECHR).

To find out how we can help you, whether you’ve been a victim of torture and ill-treatment; or had your human rights breached in another way; contact a member of our legal team, today.

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