“Spy Cars” to be Banned

Previously, concerns have been raised in relation to the use of CCTV by local authorities, with specific concerns being raised about the use of so-called “spy cars” which are used to target illegal parking.

According to previous reports, any parking offences spotted by such cameras result in a £70 penalty fine being issued via the post; and it is estimated that in England alone in excess of nine million fines have been issued following the use of such cars.

The use of CCTV surveillance has long caused concerns, with critics of CCTV suggesting that its use has been under regulated, with there previously being no legislation aimed at CCTV regulation until the passing of the Protection of Freedoms Act in 2012.

Now, after a three month consultation, it has been announced that the government are to ban the use of “spy cars”, although CCTV within bus lanes, bus stops, on red routes and near schools will still be permitted.

Whilst “spy cars” are to be banned, for those who feel that their human rights have been breached as a result of CCTV surveillance, our team of human rights solicitors in London may be able to assist.

Our solicitors specialise in all aspects of human rights cases, and through our experience within this particular area of law, if fundamental human rights have been violated by public bodies or public authorities, then we can help individuals get decisions struck-down.

We are also able to obtain declarations of illegality, injunctions and/or damages in Judicial Review proceedings. To find out how we can help you, contact us today.

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