Summer Sees Rise in Dog Attacks

Statistics recently published have revealed that during the summer months, partly as a result of more people being at home, the number of postal staff injured following “dog attacks” increases by a third.

Legislation is in place which can result in dog owners being prosecuted should their dog injure someone, and this legislation has recently been toughened, to offer further protection.

However, figures have revealed that during the summer months, injuries sustained by postal staff, following an incident with a dog, increase by roughly 33 percent; whilst the figures also reveal that since a campaign was launched six years ago, in excess of 25,000 postal staff within the UK have been injured by a dog.

The campaign, launched by one workers’ union, advises postal staff not to deliver to a house, if they have valid concerns about being injured by a dog at the property; and as a result of the campaign, it has recently been reported that one street in Plymouth has been left without post for five days – following three separate postal staff being injured by a dog.

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