UK Must Align With Shengen Visa Area

Within their 2014 economic impact report, the World Travel and Tourism Council have suggested that the UK needs to align its procedures with the Shengen visa area, in an attempt to simplify access to the UK for travellers.

In October last year, the government announced a range of measures to improve access for foreign travellers, including a “super-priority” 24 hour visa service geared towards the Chinese business traveller.

In addition, the government also introduced a pilot scheme which enabled certain Chinese travel agents to use the European Union’s Shengen visa forms for UK visa applications; whilst this month a new campaign called “China Welcome” is being launched.

The latest campaign aims to make the UK the most welcoming UK destination in Europe for Chinese visitors. However, despite the Council recognising that the new policies are positive, it states that the UK needs to do more.

According to the report, existing visa policies for the UK are restricting access for travellers, and are resulting in the UK losing out on potential visitors, to European competitors – and now, it is urging the UK to do more.

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